(Rose) Golden Snitch

I am probably one of the biggest fans of Harry Potter. We call ourselves Potterheads.  I am that girl that owns every movie and book of the series yet still watches the marathon every time Freeform plays them. It brings back great memories. I remember getting so excited about the release of a new book.  I'd stay up late to read it and try to function on three hours of sleep at school the next day. It was a family tradition to go see the premiere of the latest movie on Thanksgiving with all of my cousins.

July 31st is Harry Potter's Birthday (and my brother's AND J.K. Rowling's), so it is has been dubbed National Harry Potter Day. They seriously have celebrations for everything now-a-days, but this is one I can totally get behind. That, and National Tequila Day. In order to commemorate this day I wanted to make something that just screams Harry Potter. I decided to make a Golden Snitch macaron.  Mine has a little spin on it, it is a ROSE golden snitch. I will tell you the reason I went with rose gold instead of gold is because I wanted to be different and unique, but it's because I totally ran out of SweetlyElite's gold glitter.

I followed Martha Stewart's macaron recipe. A friend of mine sent it to me and it is fairly easy to get right. Please keep in mind that macarons have a mind of their own. Everything has to be done exactly as the directions say. Unlike STOP signs, these are not merely suggestions. Just kidding, I obey the law.

Macaron fillings possibilities are endless.  I went with a vanilla buttercream to make my life a little easier. My batter is slightly pink because I used Americolor terracotta food gel to make the transition to rose gold a little smoother,

Here are the supplies I used:

SweetlyElite Rose Gold Glitter (BEST STUFF EVER)

Edible Art Paints

Wilton White Candy Melts for the snitch wings


Silicone Macaron Baking Mat

Piping bags

Round 1/2 piping tip

Americolor terracotta food gel

Wax Paper

Snitch Wings Template (I free handed my wings but you can find templates online)

SweetSugar Belle Squeeze bottle

Don't be discouraged if you try a macaron recipe and it fails miserably. This weekend was one of my only successful attempts. I have found that the key is not to breath and luck, pure luck. Just kidding. There are so many websites that offer very helpful advice on how to get your macarons just right.

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful. If you need me, I will be watching Harry Potter on Freeform all weekend long.

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light." -Albus Dumbledore