About Katherine

My name is Katherine Idle and I am the owner/operator of Sweet Things. I have two beautiful little girls and a wonderful husband, all of whom keep me on my toes.  I work from home and take care of my youngest, all while trying to keep my sanity intact. However, I truly love what I do, so it doesn’t always feel like work.  

I am a creative and crafty person by nature. I spend countless hours on Pinterest when I know I should be doing other things. (Now, whether or not I actually DO the things I pin is a different story.) I am a self-taught baker/decorator, and I am constantly striving to make my work neater, prettier, and more interesting. My love of baking and decorating cakes and cookies came at two different points in my life. I have memories of baking with my mom and standing over her VERY outdated Sunbeam mixer while she let me help her make my dad his favorite yellow cake and chocolate frosting for his birthday.

About twenty years later, I began taking an interest in decorating. I saw some adorable spider web Halloween sugar cookies by Amber Spiegel, (still my biggest cookie idol), and decided to try to make them for my daughters. Well, it is safe to say that I could have used those cookies for one of those “FAIL” memes. Even though they looked terrible, I loved doing them so I kept trying, researching, watching YouTube videos--ANYTHING that would make me better at decorating.  

Family members and friends on Facebook started taking an interest in what I was doing and they soon began ordering cookies.  Then, shortly after I began selling cookies, I received an inquiry about a cake. I hadn’t planned on doing cakes but decided to give that a shot too!

Now, after three years, and more cakes and cookies than I can count, I still have a strong passion for creating desserts that make people happy. I hope you enjoy browsing my website and I promise I will strive to put as much care and love into your order as I do my own family’s.